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Sundar Bangla…

Today we are going know about a country which fought to save their language. A country which not only enjoys the cricket they live in it.

700 + rivers are flowing in this country. 90 % of the land is using for cultivation. The world's longest beach is located in this country. The capital city is also known as the city of mosques.

People here eats fish 365 days. The biggest problem of this country is floods which occurs in rainy seasons. Today we are going to know about our neighboring country Bangladesh.

People's republic of Bangladesh:

Yes, it is the official name of Bangladesh. The population of this country is 16 crores. According to the census, it is the 8th biggest country in the world. 130170 sq./km land area of Bangladesh. Population density is 1265 per sq. km. 40% of people live in urban areas. 60% are from rural areas. The youngest nation in the world. The average age of Bangladesh is 28yrs. Half of the population are farmers. Cultivation is done on a big level.


Bangladesh is formed in the year 1971, by fighting the war with Pakistan. Bangladesh is known as east Pakistan before 1971. India contributes in a big level for the formation of Bangladesh.

Capital city Dhaka is also known as the city of mosques. You will find mosques in every corner of the city. Mosques are the most beautiful in Dhaka. It attracts tourists.


People cant ignore fish in Bangladesh. You will find enormous varieties of fish dishes. A popular dish in Bangladesh. You will find low-cost as well as high-cost fish dishes in Bangladesh. Which are delicious. Every Bangladeshi will have fish at least one time in a day.


Bangladesh occupies the biggest share in garments industry. 60% of garments are produced in Bangladesh. Worlds biggest garments companies also depends in Bangladesh. By this change life of Bangladeshi women better than before, they are more happy. Garment industry boosted the economy of Bangladesh. The biggest problem here is skill. Most of employees are not skill workers.

The hidden problem of this country is corruption. There is a saying here every one corrupted from bottom to top-level employees in Govt. 22% of people are living below the poverty line in Bangladesh. These people hardly get to eat one time a day. A lot of Bangladeshi people are living in India illegally.

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